What is Laminate Flooring and why it is different?

laminated-flooring-winnipegfloorLaminate flooring is a versatile and sturdy kind of hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is basically made up of melanin resin and fiberboard material, while the top layer instead of being a thin veneer of genuine hardwood, is a imprinted textured image made to seem like wood.

This is an important distinction between laminate and engineered since laminate is a factories attempt to come the nearest to what it believes real wood should look like. From the first days of laminate flooring the outcomes in the factory were less than appealing. However, with improvements in technology there’s been remarkable improvements in the overall look and the feel under foot of the laminate floors.

As it’s the cheaper of these choices, laminate floors is a fantastic options for people on a budget and also for broad scale commercial uses. I would strongly suggest looking into laminate flooring for areas of the home like the basement or in high traffic areas such as mudrooms as they will last considerably longer than your conventional solid hardwood flooring (and really who would like to cover all that money to have expensive floors ruined by kids!) .

For setup functions laminate is the easiest and quickest to install. Heck you may not even 11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_n.pnghave to pay someone to install it because of its interlocking system that does not require adhesive, staples, or nails. With solid or engineered I would advise using a professional install them for you as they tend to be somewhat trickier to install and less pliable.

Laminates biggest drawback is its own lifespan. While solid hardwood flooring can last as much as a century if properly maintained, laminate flooring begin to fade after closer into a decade and there’s not much you can do in order to bring them back into their original lustre such as its solid or even designed cousin. So just like with any job it is dependent on what you as the homeowner wish to accomplish. To help in your selection make sure that you visit The Hardwood Flooring Store and talk with one of our qualified agents today and begin on your next renovation project.

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