Dark Stained Wood Floors

10489941_909316839082127_5681809262339039186_nThis trend carries more than 2017. Dark, rich colors appear stunning and elegant, providing your room a costly feel.

The downside to dark wood floors is that they can make your room appear smaller. You understand how you (or any girl in your lifetime ) looooove that little black dress since it makes you look end-of-the-stomach-flu-skinny? Well, that is because dark colours naturally make things bigger.

This is great for your wardrobe. But, maybe, not-so-great for your floor.

Furthermore, dark wood is notorious for revealing every scratch, speckle of grime or imperfection. They just don’t ever seem clean.

Will the dark wood fad last in 2020 and beyond?
I really don’t think so. Espresso wood has been trending for quite a while and I feel it is likely near the end of its lifecycle.

I predict that in the subsequent 5 decades or so, espresso and other shadowy forests are going to be on their way outside as blondes and whitewashes slip the scene.

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